Treatment for Mild Chronic Hypertension During Pregnancy Article

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  • Tita AT, Szychowski JM, Boggess K, Dugoff L, Sibai B, Lawrence K, Hughes BL, Bell J, Aagaard K, Edwards RK, Gibson K, Haas DM, Plante L, Metz T, Casey B, Esplin S, Longo S, Hoffman M, Saade GR, Hoppe KK, Foroutan J, Tuuli M, Owens MY, Simhan HN, Frey H, Rosen T, Palatnik A, Baker S, August P, Reddy UM, Kinzler W, Su E, Krishna I, Nguyen N, Norton ME, Skupski D, El-Sayed YY, Ogunyemi D, Galis ZS, Harper L, Ambalavanan N, Geller NL, Oparil S, Cutter GR, Andrews WW


  • (Abstracted from N Engl J Med 2022;386:1781-1792) Chronic hypertension develops in 2% of pregnancies in the United States. As this condition disproportionately affects Black women and is associated with 3 to 5 times the risk of placental abruption, preeclampsia, preterm birth (PTB), small-for-gestational-age (SGA) birthweight, and perinatal death, optimizing treatment is critical to possibly preventing these associated complications.

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  • 2022

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