Medical workforce Article

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  • Bluth EI, Frush DP, Oates ME, LaBerge J, Pan HY, Newhauser WD, Rosenthal SA


  • This section focuses on the professional workforce comprised of the primary medical specialties that utilize ionizing radiation in their practices. Those discussed include the specialties of radiology and radiation oncology, as well as the subspecialties of radiology, namely diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear radiology, and nuclear medicine. These professionals provide essential health care services, for example, the interpretation of imaging studies, the provision of interventional procedures, radionuclide therapeutic treatments, and radiation therapy. In addition, they may be called on to function as part of a radiologic emergency response team to care for potentially exposed persons following radiation events, for example, detonation of a nuclear weapon, nuclear power plant accidents, and transportation incidents. For these reasons, maintenance of an adequate workforce in each of these professions is essential to meeting the nation's future needs. Currently, there is a shortage for all physicians in the medical radiology workforce.

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  • 2022

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