Revisiting the Tentorial Venous Sinuses: Anatomical and Histological Study Article

Full Text via DOI: 10.1016/j.wneu.2023.02.132 Web of Science: 001005084200001

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  • Ott KN, Chaiyamoon A, Cardona JJ, Reina F, Carrera A, Iwanaga J, Dumont AS, Small JE, Tubbs RS


  • -BACKGROUND: Anatomical studies of the tentorial si-n uses (TS) are scant, and to our knowledge, histological studies of this structure have not been reported. Therefore, we aim to better elucidate this anatomy. -METHODS: In 15 fresh frozen, latex injected, adult cadaveric specimens, the TS were evaluated with micro-surgical dissection and histology. -RESULTS: The superior layer had a mean thickness of 0.22 mm, and the inferior layer had a mean thickness of 0.26 mm. Two types of TS were identified. Type 1 was a small intrinsic plexiform sinus with no obvious connections to the draining veins with gross examination. Type 2 was a larger tentorial sinus with direct connections to the bridging veins from the cerebral and cerebellar hemispheres. In general, type 1 sinuses were located more medially than type 2 si-n uses. The inferior tentorial bridging veins drained directly into the TS along with connections to the straight and transverse sinuses. In 53.3% of specimens, superficial and deep sinuses were seen, with superior and inferior groups draining the cerebrum and cerebellum, respectively. -CONCLUSIONS: We identified novel findings for the TS which can be considered surgically and when diagnosing pathology involves these venous sinuses.

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  • 2023

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