Jeffrey Burnham, MD

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  • Jeffrey M. Burnham earned his medical degree from University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS. He completed his residency at Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge. Dr. Burnham is board certified by the American Academy of Family Medicine and holds a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine as well. He joined the staff at Ochsner in December 2018.Dr. Burnham has over 25 years of accumulated training and experience in treating sports medicine conditions ( in more than 25 different sports activities) not only in the clinic setting but also in intense and highly competitive sports venues at the high school, Div. 1 college, and professional ranks. He has been the sports physician for numerous state high school champions, national championship teams, and individual world class and Olympic athletes.Through the years he has trained numerous outstanding athletic trainers, medical students, residents and physician fellows in the art and science of sports medicine. Dr. Burnham remains as committed to helping the amateur athlete/ exerciser enjoy the benefits of optimal health, nutrition, and fitness as he is to the elite performer.