Landon Burns, MD

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  • I became a Pain Medicine physician to help patients return to their active and healthy lives through the treatment of their pain. This is achieved through many different types of therapy which are tailored to fit each patient and their needs. I have experience with headaches, head and face pain, cervical/thoracic/lumbar pain, and radicular pain. I prefer to explain all options of treatment to the patient and allow them to aid in the decision of which course of therapy will provide the most benefit for them. I help the patient understand that their health and well-being is a team effort, however, they are main player and have to take an active role for success. I listen to all of the patient's concerns and questions and address each individually so they do not feel that some of their questions were unanswered. I am quick to respond to messages through the patient portal system in their charts to have continuous updates from their physician.