Dave Williams, MD

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  • Dr. Dave Williams is a board-certified family physician of 20 years' experience. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the University of California -San Francisco Medical School. He did his residency training in Upstate New York at the University of Rochester where he received a firm grounding in providing health care services to the entire family, both in the urgent care setting and the primary care setting. He has experience in both a community setting and the academic arena. Dr. Williams is a firm believer in the motto "compassionate care, advanced and up-to-date medicine, close to your home". It is his goal that after every patient encounter, the patient will have a clear understanding of their condition, treatment options and timely care. This will be backed by timely and appropriate referral, if necessary, to specialty care within the Ochsner family or the individual(s) of your choice. Finally, it will be his pleasure to work with you and your family!