Mong Le, PA

  • Physician Assistant-Ambulatory, Westbank Region
  • 2500 Belle Chasse Hwy, Gretna, LA, 70056
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  • I became a PA because I wanted to be able to help and care for patients. The PA field really appealed to me because it was one that focused on a team/partnership with physicians. I am lucky to be practicing alongside three great doctors who truly understand the meaning of a team approach which allows our patients to see that vision as well. Although we still get some push back, many of their established patients have come to understand that there is communication between the Physician and their PA. This has allowed me to develop relationships with their patients as well. This is my first job since graduating from PA school. I started out my studies at Xavier University from 2007-2011 where I obtained a degree in Biology. My PA training was done at Salus University in Elkin Parks, PA.I try to relate to my patients as if I were treating my own family member which often can be a reality with common issues such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes which affects a large population and accounts for a large part of what we see in primary care. I also try to treat my patients how I would want to be treated. This for me is respect of their time. I try to see them on time or within a fifteen minute window given there are no emergencies in the day.I like to present all the different options with risk and benefits to patients when it comes to their treatment plans. Then allow them to choose an option that benefits them whether it is financially or practicality appropriate.Education with practicality I would say is the best way I feel I can help to encourage patient. I try to incorporate little tips that I myself use to help with healthy eating like meal prepping to avoid getting fast food or something unhealthy because it is quick or by using apps to track meals.