Kristin Louviere, NP

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  • I knew once taking human anatomy in high school that I wanted to pursue a degree in the medical field. I immediately was drawn to the field of nursing due to all the flexibility that comes with the profession. Nurses are able to work in so many different fields, emergency medicine and acute care are my favorite. I've worked for almost 4 years in Our Lady of the Lake Emergency Room. While working in the ER I was attending McNeese State University, where I recently graduated in December 2017 with my FNP. I love acute care and everything that comes with it. That is one reason that I chose to start my career in an urgent care setting, I feel as if providers in acute care settings are able to make a huge difference. Emergencies no matter the size can have a huge impact on someones life, this is why I look forward to working for Ochsner Urgent Care in Metairie.