Natalia Jolliff, DO

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  • Dr. Jolliff's training in Osteopathic Medicine has provided her with a foundation in the holistic perspective to patient care. Patients often present with musculoskeletal pain in one area, and the underlying problem may be somewhere else entirely. Dr. Jolliff also emphasizes minimally invasive procedures and conservative treatments to address a wide array of musculoskeletal problems. Many of Dr. Jolliff's minimally invasive procedures and diagnostic techeniques are performed using ultrasound guidance. For example, the TENEX procedure, is a minimally invasive and restorative intervention that removes damaged tissues from tendons or fascia while leaving healthy tissues intact and promotes natural healing. This procedure is often used to address various forms of tendinosis that may cause chronic and debilitating joint or foot pain.Dr. Jolliff is certified in Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine (IROM-C) She combines her years of clinical experience with the latest minimally invasive treatment technologies to diagnose and treat patients from all walks and stages of life. She is particularly sensitive and concerned with the needs of the middle aged to geriatric population. Dr. Jolliff habla espanol.