Leslie Brown, NP

  • Nurse Practitioner-Urgent Care, Westbank Region
  • 2500 Belle Chasse Hwy, Gretna, LA, 70056
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  • I decided to become a nurse practitioner, because I enjoy being a nurse and caring for patients, but I wanted a little more autonomy. What sets me apart from others is my background. I've worked telemetry, ICU, ED, house supervisor, I've taught CPR, ACLS and PALS classes, as well as new nurse orientations, I've worked for private and state run hospitals, there's pretty much nothing I haven't seen. I received my ADN, RN from Charity School of Nursing, which is pretty much the best experience you can have to prepare for nursing. My NP training came from LSU, and my clinical rotations included the various LSU clinics, such as the one at Landry Walker, the makeshift medical home at the old Lord and Taylor building on Poydras and the Women's Health Bus in mid-city. I am a team player, and this includes patients. I devise a plan of care based on their symptoms, I present them with the proposed plan as well as options. After I give my input, and options, we develop the plan of care, individualizing it to the care of each patient. I was recognized as one of Louisiana's Great 100 nurses in 2007.I am a firm believer in individualized care, and with the right education, patients will choose the right plan. I relate to my patients because I am a down to earth person and make people feel at ease. I can relate to many different cultures and walks of life. If a patient asks me a question that I don't know the answer to, I don't mind telling them that I will look this up. Patients appreciate this honesty and commitment to their care. I encourage patient's participation in their care, and value their input.