Julia Staisch, MD, MS

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  • Dr. Julia Staisch completed her medical school training at Tulane University School of Medicine with an additional master's degree in human genetics. Concluding her neurology residency at the University of Chicago, Dr. Staisch went on to complete her fellowship in movement disorders at Oregon Health and Sciences University. Since 2018, she has been practicing in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is board certified in neurology. Dr. Staisch devotes the overwhelming majority of her time to clinical practice, specializing in deep brain stimulation and researching genetic forms of Parkinson's disease with the help of the Michael J. Fox Association. She is dedicated to providing high-quality, up-to-date, evidence-based, compassionate, thorough and individualized care to patients with neurological disorders, as well as to helping advance the field of neurology. Dr. Staisch thoroughly enjoys making the accurate diagnoses and providing the appropriate therapy with the ultimate goal of improving patients' quality of life.

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