Can an amino acid mixture alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms in neuroendocrine tumor patients? Article

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  • Chauhan A, Das S, Miller R, Luque L, Cheuvront SN, Cloud J, Tarter Z, Siddiqui F, Ramirez RA, Anthony L


  • Background Neuroendocrine tumors, although relatively rare in incidence, are now the second most prevalent gastrointestinal neoplasm owing to indolent disease biology. A small but significant sub-group of neuroendocrine tumor patients suffer from diarrhea. This is usually secondary to carcinoid syndrome but can also be a result of short gut syndrome, bile acid excess or iatrogenic etiologies. Recently, an amino acid based oral rehydration solution (enterade (R) Advanced Oncology Formula) was found to have anti-diarrheal properties in preclinical models. Methods A retrospective chart review of all NET patients treated with enterade (R) AO was performed after IRB approval. Results Ninety-eight NET patients who had received enterade (R) AO at our clinic from May 2017 through June 2019 were included. Patients (N = 49 of 98) with follow up data on bowel movements (BMs) were included for final analysis. Eighty-four percent of patients (41/49) had fewer BMs after taking enterade (R) AO and 66% (27/41) reported more than 50% reduction in BM frequency. The mean number of daily BMs was 6.6 (range, 3-20) at baseline before initiation of therapy, while the mean number of BMs at 1 week time point post enterade (R) AO was 2.9 (range, 0-11). Conclusions Our retrospective observations are encouraging and support prospective validation with appropriate controls in NET patients. This is first published report of the potential anti-diarrheal activity of enterade (R) AO in NET patients.

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  • 2021

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